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"Design adds value faster than it adds costs"
- Joel Spolsky, creator of Trello

No matter the size or scope of your project, we'll find the plan that's right for you.


The Aspen Plan

Starting at $1,800

Ideal for small projects such as a back yard design, the Aspen Plan is straight forward, affordable, and can be turned around in just a few days.  It includes a survey, 1 on-site visit, and 1 basic plan set.  The Aspen Plan does not include any reviews or revisions.

The Magnolia Plan

Starting at $3,500

Designed for larger and more complex projects, the Magnolia Plan can be turned around in a couple weeks.  The plan includes a survey, 1 on-site meeting, a concept review, a comprehensive plan set, and 1 round of revisions.


The Sequoia Plan

$5,500 +/-

For projects that fall outside the normal parameters of size, complexity, and process, custom plans and processes can be created.  Call for pricing and details.



Our plan sets include everything you need to get an accurate bid.  They includes a layout plan and planting plan. 

Usually we recommend working directly with your contractor for irrigation and lighting plans.  Dimension plans can be custom made by using any free pdf viewer.  

If you'd like additional plan set pages such as irrigation, lighting, or dimensions plans, they can be requested at an additional cost.


*click on video for sound and to expand

Take your project into the virtual reality. The worst thing that could happen is spending all your hard earned money on building your dream back yard, only to realize that you don't like certain aspects of it.  You then have to live with it or spend twice as much to fix it. A 3d model can save you tens of thousands of dollars by seeing and correcting mistakes before you build them.

Other reasons to build a model include for marketing purposes, understanding scale and scope, or as a reveal gift to your family so that they can see their new pool for the first time.  

Models are built after the design is finalized.  They are created using SketchUp and Lumion. 

If you're interested in a 3D model, ask us for a quote and check out some of our model videos to the right.

Get the vision down on paper

Beautiful landscapes don’t happen by accident. Our professional landscape designers are ready to start your plan.

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