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Perfected process.
Perfected design.

A great design starts with an even better process. By utilizing the latest technologies and developed talent, we deliver tremendous value and a memorable experience.

3 Phase Process

Phase 1 - Project Analysis

The project analysis phase consists of obtaining supporting documents, conducting a survey, and creating the base map.  

The homeowner is responsible for sharing applicable documentation such as house plans and plot maps.  In addition, they can share inspirational images and a desired plant list which will aid in the design.  

A drone survey is conducted to obtain a 3d model of the site, contours, and to assist in the base map creation.

The base map is created for use during the on site consultation and as a base for the concept sketch.  It pulls together the survey information along with the supporting documents.

Phase 2 - Concept Design

The concept design phase comprises of an on site consultation, concept sketch, and *concept design review.  

Homeowners will meet on site with John to discuss their vision, goals, and the design layout during the consultation.  Concept ideas can be sketched in real time to flush out ideas and get feedback.  It is important that all decision making members are present at the consultation.

After meeting with John, he'll develop the plan into a well thought out concept design sketch that will be used as the guide during construction documentation.  See the attached video to see a concept sketch take life.

For magnolia and sequoia plans, John will review the concept design sketch remotely. Homeowners will provide feedback and request changes before the project moves forward to construction documentation.  (*There is no concept review as part of aspen plans)

Phase 3 - Construction Documentation

The construction documentation phase takes the concept sketch and transforms it into a full plan set ready to bid and build.  Working together as a team, we work through the details of the ideal measurement, materials, planting plan, and make sure everything fits just right.

After the final invoice is paid, the plan set is shared as a PDF.  Check out the attached sample plan set.

One round of revisions, up to 2 hours, comes with the magnolia and sequoia plans.  There are no free revisions included with an aspen plan.  Any additional revisions are billed hourly.  Plant images are available upon request.

*click on video for sound and to expand

3D Models

Once the plan set is finalized, a 3D model can be made.  Not only is a model a great way to visualize the final design, but is extremely helpful for the contractor during the construction process.

See your plan come to life and request a cost estimate!

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